Kyohei Tsuda (aka fish and flatfisher)

Kyohei is a Software Engineer, he develops and works on the server side, mobile applications.

He's into fishing, swimming, canoeing, cycling and he like all things water.

His passion is to create services and application that draw people to the water and nature.

How did he get into programming?

After experiencing the Great East Earthquake of 2011, He learned that properties fade and disappears, but the treasures he learns never go away. That is why he keeps on learning.


  • Dialogflow / Actions on Google
  • Java for Android Development
  • Swift for iOS development
  • Node js for Google Cloud Functions, Google App Engine (FE)
  • Python for Google App Engine (SE)
  • Firebase


  • Japanese, Functionally Native proficiency
  • English, Limited working proficiency


Software Engineer, SENSY Inc


Organizer, Google Developers Groups Ishinomaki

Staff, Assistant Developer Community Japan

Staff, Google Cloud Platform User Group

Staff, Firebase Japan User Group

Assistant, Google Developers Groups Tokyo


Medium English and Japanese

Qiita Japanese only